Canada 08.11.2013 (pm)

This recording is from the 8th of November 2013,
when Dr.Gurinder Singh Ji & Jatha Ji
were blessed with Gurbani Keertan seva,

in the evening at Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara,
situated in Surrey BC Canada.

Dr.Ji & Jatha Ji sung the following Shabads:

A(n)mrit baanee har har taeree
Sun vadbhaageeaa har a(n)mrit baanee raam

Gurbaanee gaaveh bhaaee
Vaahu vaahu baanee nira(n)kaar hai
Aavahu Sikh Satiguroo kae piaariho
Dhur kee baanee aaee

You can listen, share & download the mp3
via the Soudcloud player below.

You can also view the video via the embedded YouTube link.


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