14.04.2015 – Sri Darbar Sahib (pm)

Celebrating the sweet gift of Amrit &
the creation of the Khalsa Panth in 1699.
Dr.Ji & Jatha Ji were blessed with Kirtan Hazri

at Sri Darbar Sahib.
This recording is from the evening, of the 14th of April.

You can listen, share & download the mp3 via
the SoundCloud player below.
You can also view the video recording
via the embedded YouTube link below.

Dr.Ji & Jatha Ji sung the following shabads:

Gur Paaras Ham Loh Mil Ka(n)chan Hoeiaa Raam
Mere Satigura Ho Tudh Vitahu Kurbaan
Gur Amrit Har Mukh Choeiaa Meree Ji(n)dhurreeeae
ur Nar Mun Jan Amrit Khojadhae
Raajan Kae Raajaa Mehaaraajan Kae Mehaaraajaa
Naasaro Mansoor Gur Gobind Singh  


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