Canada 07.11.2013 (pm)

This recording is from the 7th of November 2013,
when Dr.Gurinder Singh Ji & Jatha Ji
were blessed with Gurbani Keertan seva,

in the evening at Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara,
situated in Surrey BC Canada.

Dr.Ji & Jatha Ji sung the following Shabads:

Raameeaa ho baarik teraa
Prabh keejai kiraaa nidhaan

Har jee maataa har jee pitaa
Terai bharosai piaarae mai laad laddaaeiaa
Meraa maat pitaa har raaeiaa


You can listen, share & download the mp3
via the Soudcloud player below.

You can also view the video via the embedded YouTube link.


One thought on “Canada 07.11.2013 (pm)

  1. harbirbalbir says:

    Simply mesmerisizing. Wah!Wah!Wah!

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