20.04.2015 – Sri Darbar Sahib

Absolutely riveting Kirtan!
Such blessed souls, they never give less than 100%
Mesmerizing Kirtan sung this evening at
Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji by
Dr.Gurinder Singh Ji & Jatha Ji,
accompanied by the extremely talented Bhai Siripal Singh Ji.

This recording is from the 20th of April, when Dr.Ji &
Jatha Ji were blessed with Keertan seva.

You can listen, share & download the mp3 via
the SoundCloud player below.

You can also view the video recording
via the embedded YouTube link below.

Dr.Ji & Jatha Ji sung the following shabads:

Har Bin Rehi N(a) Sako Eik Raatee
Darsan Piaasee Dinas Raat
Yaar Vae Nit Sukh Sukhaedhee
Tou Darsan Kee Karo Samaae
Maaee Mohi Preetam Dehu Milaaee
Thoo Dareeaao Daanaa Beenaa


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